You are NOT your story!

How many times have you heard someone describe themselves in terms of labels?


“I can’t do early mornings” – “I’m an alcoholic” – “I don’t deal with confrontation”

In NLP (neuro linguistic programming) we learn about limiting beliefs. These are beliefs that have been honed over years of external influences. We are born with two innate fears; Falling and Loud Noises. Every other fear or belief is the result of external influences or learned behaviour.

The voice of a parent telling us that we should or should not take an action, a painful memory of physical or emotional trauma …etc. These memories (stories) can often hold us back – if we choose to let them. Some eastern philosophy talks of “attachments” that we should learn to let go of, in order to move on with our life.

You are not your story. Whatever has happen so far in your life to give you your current set of beliefs does not have to set the path for your future. You decide what happens next!

“I know history is going to be kind to me, because I am going to write it” – Winston Churchill

What history are you going to write? Starting right now.

Are you going to be a prisoner of the past, or a pioneer of the future?

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