Appreciate yourself and others will do likewise.

So many of us are raised to seek approval, to gain validation, to be accepted. As we grow up, this can lead to us sometimes not appreciating our own values and opinions.


Take the time to appreciate your own values, whilst always being respectful of others. Be confident that the values, beliefs and opinions you hold are valid, yours and true for you.

Whilst acting as a career coach, some of the most unhappy people I have encountered are those who have lost touch with what they believe. On some occasions, they have spent so long being a chameleon, in order to climb the corporate ladder, they have created a mixed bag of other people’s values and beliefs. This in turn can lead to over sensitivity and a need to constantly validate (often referred to as “needy”).

Like yourself, accept yourself, value yourself. Reflect on all of your achievements in this life so far and be proud of yourself. Start to recognise all of your skills and expertise. Finally, start to build a list of what you are capable of achieving from today onwards.

It’s a wonderful life, make it yours.

“Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without” – Buddha

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