Be CV specific!!

I often hear people say that a CV / Resume should be a maximum of two sides of A4 paper, this is simply not true. A CV / Resume should be relevant and of interest to the reader.

When writing a CV / Resume we often get very ‘precious’. At this stage I feel it necessary to point something out – your CV is not your autobiography, your CV is not your life’s work. It is a sales brochure! Your skills and experience are the products, so make sure that the ‘buyer’ understands what these set of products will do for them. At some level we are all tuned in to Wii FM (What’s in it for me), so think of the reader and ask yourself; does this sales brochure clearly explain what benefit the buyer will receive by engaging my skills and experience.


A CV / Resume has one job in it’s lifetime and that is to get you to interview with the prospective employer, so decide what areas within your career and experience and write down that are most relevant to the job you are applying for.

CV / Resume writing should follow the F – A – B model.

(Features, Achievements, Benefits)

For a job application requiring specific skills, it is better to author a tailored CV with information relevant to the vacancy. You will achieve a much higher success ratio by submitting targeted and specific applications.

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