Make your goals count!! Have a strategy

Have you made the decision to make your goals count? Goals are easy to say, but have you made the goals a reality for you,….. or have you decided on your goals for other reasons; your boss asked you to have some goals, family members have expectations of you, peers have applied pressure?

Here are some simple steps to help you:
Turn your objectives into goals by making clear decisions and refining them into proper goals. Be specific and detailed.

Define a strategy to achieve your goals. Detailed steps with actions (not a to do list – action list, write down your actions as you do them).

Achieve your strategy through execution. Working towards your goal every day, without fail!

Keep reviewing and updating regularly (ie once a week), be verbal about how you are getting on and this will keep things real and fresh.

What do you want to achieve? Make it real! Make it count!


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