Try – Fail – Be Better!

How many of us shy away from difficult and scary tasks? How many of us complete tasks at a ‘good enough’ level of thinking, because it seems too difficult to push ourselves that extra bit more. 


Is ‘good enough’ what we really aspire to? Or is the fear of going for extra and falling short (fear of failure) holding us back? Take a moment to think about any of your pursuits; your career, sports, parenthood, marriage…etc and ask yourself how many times have you settled for ‘good enough’?


I used to ascribe to the Yoda style of thinking – “Do or do not, there is no try”. However, in my pursuit as a football coach I had a complete change of thinking. I now always tell young players that I would rather see them playing with a complete freedom. I actively encourage young players to play without fear of failure or reprisal. From me, as their coach, they will always receive more praise for trying a pass or a shot and it goes wrong than if they hesitate and don’t try. The simple reason, in football (soccer) is that if you hesitate the opportunity to try something will probably be gone. Similarly in ‘life’, isn’t better to take opportunities as they come along, make mistakes, learn the lessons and go again…… Or alternatively play safe and wonder what might have been.

“Try again. Fail again. Next time fail better” – Samuel Beckett

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