Personal Excellence – what is it?

What is your quest? What makes you feel fulfilled? What gives you joy? What would you like to change?

The above questions are ones I pose to individuals when I coach them through career/life changes. Recently one of my delegates advised me that they were searching for ‘Personal Excellence’. When I pressed him, it became clear that personal excellence was term that he heard at a party somewhere. However, it got me thinking; are we all looking for personal excellence? or are we looking for a version or a perception of excellence that we have been given by others?


As it approaches the new year, here are a few of my tips for you to devise your own version of personal excellence:

  1. You will make mistakes in life, love, career…etc Get over them quickly, and ask yourself; what were the lessons to be learned? Make and effort to turn every mistake into a life enriching experience.
  2. Who do you admire? what is it that you admire? Examine your role models and you will find that you can choose to adopt some of their behaviours, language patterns, commitment and attitude in your life.
  3. Be thankful! we all have so many things to be grateful for and so many things and people we take for granted.
  4. Self development. When was the last time you challenged yourself without being asked to do so? When was the last time you studied something new?
  5. Take responsibility. Lets not play ‘blame top trumps’. Take control and be responsible for what happens in your life.
  6. Create a mind map of yourself – What are your existing key skills? What evidence do you have where you have used these key skills? What have others said about your contributions? What will you do in the future with your key skills and your experience? How does this benefit others? 
  7. Create your day – every day! You can choose how you start your day and you can choose the attitude that you bring to every day.

It is my belief that you can choose personal excellence every day, if you wish to.

Wishing you all a magical Christmas and an ‘excellent’ 2014!

“The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn” Waldo Emerson

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2 Responses to Personal Excellence – what is it?

  1. cliffmoyce says:

    Well said Phil. Thank you. I teach my kinds to be happy with what they have got, and then I go fussing about a single typo in a 3,000 word report. The tyranny of perfectionism!

  2. cliff moyce says:

    Great advice Phil. I think I will print it out and put it in a prominent position on my desk! Thank you.

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