Making things happen!! – 5 things you should never say

Are you determined to progress this year? Have your goals been set and written down?

Assuming that the answer to the above questions is ‘YES’, then I would like to share with you 5 statements to avoid in order to make even more progress.


  1. Can I do that? If you are asking yourself permission to be successful, you are potentially falling foul of not having a clear goal. This question is also counter intuitive to self development. The better question is; ‘What do I need to do in order to achieve this?’ 
  2. I can’t do that! The question I always ask in response to this statement is; According to whom? We often put limitations on ourselves if we have experienced failures in the past. In previous blog posts I covered building a good level of resilience. In addition to resilience, it is worth being aware of the times when you are communicating limiting beliefs. Past failures can be a blessing, if you choose to learn lessons, adapt your approach and move on smarter – then you can do that,…just differently.
  3. I have to go through proper channels! One of the elements of career development and self development is to create and maintain a great network. Without a great network you will come up against ‘blockers’, ‘jobs-worths’ and ‘gate-keepers’ who will unintentionally make life difficult for you. With the right people in your network, opportunities will present themselves, and role models will be easier to access. N.B. A great network requires constant maintenance! 
  4. That will do! / That’s good enough! I have witnessed many careers fall away by this attitude. If you allow yourself to believe that something is ‘good enough’ you have stopped momentum and have begun to go backwards. Your career and self development needs constant forward motion. I am not suggesting that you don’t enjoy ‘quick wins’ or ‘small victories’ but don’t tell yourself that you have reached your destination. Maintain relentless focus and you will continue to progress.
  5. That’s not my responsibility! This statement can indicate someone who is not focused on self development or progression. I am not suggesting that you should take on the world’s woes, but I am suggesting that this statement is a ‘cop out’ and is highly indicative of a person who does not care about the bigger picture. If you focus only on your small part of the world, there is a risk that your part of the world will become even smaller.

Please remember; every statement, every question, every action, every day is your choice. Never allow yourself to believe that you have no control. Your self development is based on a series of choices.


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