An Insanely Brave Moment can change your life

In my job, I advise people in their careers, particularly CTOs, CIOs and IT Directors. This community are traditionally known for being relatively risk averse.

My advice and guidance is usually sought and often centred around a change of some kind; either personal or professional change.

I have a common theme through all of my career training seminars and that is around being ‘brave’, sometimes insanely, wildly and incredibly uncomfortably brave. In my life experiences, both great and challenging it is my intention to have far more of “oh well, that didn’t quite work out as planned” moments than “Oh Damn!, I wish I had just gone for it..” moments.

pooh bear brave

When coaching senior execs I can usually quickly uncover their past regrets and make it my business to limit people’s exposure to future regrets by encouraging them to embrace those uncomfortable moments and take a chance, say yes, be braver than usual, take a leap of faith. If you are an experienced individual at what you do, if you are a successful professional, sometimes you need to trust yourself and your abilities (including your ability to recover, if things don’t work out).

Whilst I don’t advocate recklessness; In the end, it will be the moments of insane bravery that will give you the most joy,…. and potentially the best results.

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