The irony of “Career Fear”

How many times in your career have you been afraid?
… of taking some action?
… of speaking out?
… of going for promotion?
… making ‘that’ call?


When I advise people regarding ‘Career Fear’ the irony is that what they are usually afraid of is failure, and in refusing to take appropriate action(s) they are inviting failure.

I have written in previous blogs that it is my belief that it is far better to take action and learn from mistakes than to refuse to take action and suffer regret of ‘what might have been’.

One great system for overcoming fear is to replace it with curiosity. Be curious about potential outcomes and trial different ways of approaching actions. Don’t try to be a future teller. Be curious.

Another way of getting around fear is to think about it differently. This mnemonic may be helpful:
F – Focus! be resourceful and be present. What will help me right now?
E – Experiment! be prepared to get it wrong and learn
A – Attitude! recognise that you have the resources and choose to use them
R – Rehearse! practice, practice, practice

The irony of ‘Career Fear’ is that it usually results in the thing that most people I encounter are desperately trying to avoid – failure.

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