Career Management is NOT just of job seekers!

In the last 6 months I have run a number of onsite workshops for executives and CxOs of various businesses who are experiencing high change. The common theme has been to motivate and assist people who are under ‘consultation’ or ‘in danger’ – aka potentially or definitely going to lose their job.

The workshop covers all aspects of preparation or ‘match fitness’ to get back into the job market including; mentality, responsibility and actions, through to personal branding.

I invite you to consider a topic that never fails to create a lively conversation: “Your career management plan does NOT stop when you are employed!”

career plan

A large number of the people I help have failed to keep themselves and their career ‘managed’. They have simply focused on the day to day tasks of executing the work. My advice is ALWAYS be planning ahead.

Question: do you keep a success diary? (Step 9 on the career plan)

If the answer is ‘Yes’, then brilliant!! make sure you keep it up to date.
If the answer is ‘No’, then I urge you to consider the benefits

A success diary provides the building blocks to your ‘Live’ CV/Resume
A success diary is a ‘tool box’ for interviews, meetings, presentations..etc

A success diary is simply a matter of making a note of all projects delivered, all of your contributions to your organisation. Paying particular attention to my 4 P’s (People, Performance, Process, Profits). Keep this diary up to date and where possible gain testimonials or references from the stakeholders when the work has been completed or delivered successfully. People have relatively short memories and it can be more difficult to gain testimonials and references later on.

Whether you are a CxO or another type of contributor, you can make an impact every day. Make a record of your efforts and successes.

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