Choices!! Choices!! Choices!! – Multiple Job Offers – 7 Steps

It’s a great time to be a candidate in the job market. Employers are crying out for good people, agents are busily fulfilling client’s requirements and candidates are often facing the prospect of a choice of two or more job offers.

So the BIG question: ‘How do I decide which offer to accept?’

Crossroad in lavender meadow

Crossroad in lavender meadow and with tree alone

When helping to guide people through the potential minefield of career change, we advise that they give consideration to the following 7 factors:

  1. Which opportunity provides the best career development? – Long Term. Often, what looks like a great career opportunity is actually leading you down a ‘dead end’ with minimal career and personal development opportunities. It is always best to conduct your research on how other people within the team or organisation have progressed during their tenure at the company.
  2. The environment and the people. What is the workspace like? Is there any concerns about your potential reporting line or potential colleagues? Did you get an opportunity to meet some of the team and discuss their career path? Trivial things today can become major issues tomorrow. You need to be honest with yourself and demonstrate a level of self awareness to know what is important to you to be content in your workspace (seat, coffee, food opportunities…..etc)
  3. The package (not just the salary). What are the other elements to the rewards package? Are there share options? Holiday? Health insurance? How does the benefits package compare to your current employer or other opportunities? What benefits have you grown accustomed to, but perhaps take for granted? Is there flexibility in the offer?
  4. Create a balance card or score sheet. Be honest about the pros and cons of each opportunity and see which one scores the highest. Then balance these scores against what is important you.
  5. How stable are the organisations? What is their trading history and financial situation? Are the VC backed or independent? What are the reported future plans for the regional business (if they are global). Check their stock performance over the last 12 months. Look for news stories (pros and cons). Investigate previous and current employees via social media and observe how long employees stay with the company.
  6. Which job feeds your passion? Happiness at work is so important and should never be overlooked. Do the following exercise quickly and honestly. Answer immediately without deliberation; If money was no object; which opportunity would you choose? The answer usually comes from your sub conscious (“your gut”).
  7. Money – which opportunity offers you the better chance to achieve other things in your life through being financially better off?

Depending on where you are in your career cycle, the prospect of choosing between multiple job offers may seem a way off, but it is always best to be prepared. Should you find yourself in the situation of choice and you are unsure about what to do, call us for free advice and guidance.

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